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The most Powerful Social Media Platform

Instagram is one of the most influential social networks of the moment. In 2017, there are 11.8 million users per month in France. For big brands, the engagement rate is 58 times higher on Instagram than on Facebook. With the implementation of the RGPD in May 2018, social networks will be one of the most effective ways to engage new leads.

Brands are becoming more active on Instagram. It is therefore crucial to stand out from the competition and include this network in your overall strategy. Acquired by Facebook in 2012, the application has not stopped to improve: opening advertising to advertisers, displaying content according to an algorithm, appearance of analysis tools…

Ask yourself the right questions and pull your pin from the game:

  • What opportunities does Instagram offer for B2B? 
  • What is the added value of Instagram in B2B? 
  • How to set up an effective communication strategy on Instagram?

The opportunities that Instagram offers for the B2B

Instagram offers many opportunities to improve your brand awareness and help you feed your prospects with content different from those you promote by email, on your web pages or other social networks.

Reach your targets through accounts of individuals and professionals

There are more than 2 million active brands every month on Instagram (on Facebook they are 6 million). According to the social network, the publication frequency is 11 to 20 posts per month. In terms of engagement, 46% of French users follow brands on Instagram. But why does it work so well?

Because private accounts and corporate accounts mingle happily on the platform. Your posts will be viewed and visible by both types of accounts. On the face of it, the topics you are interested in are relevant to the companies you are targeting, as well as their employees. Instagram must be thought of as a social network in “person to person”. What better way to gain notoriety and generate qualified leads?

In addition, Instagram humanizes your brand. When people see your photos or videos, they want to see inspiring visuals about your latest products, behind the scenes of the events you are involved in, the life in your company … In short, a lot of information that you do not communicate not usually and that can make a big difference.

Create your own hashtags and enjoy user-generated content

Your content is made visible by the hashtags you choose. An Instagram post that contains at least one hashtag generates 12.6% more engagement than posts that have none. Of course you have to choose relevant keywords. The more quality your content, the more they will be boosted on the platform.

The majority of content is produced by Internet users. This content is obtained at a reduced cost and can help you attract or convert prospects. A hashtag containing the name of your company allows you to set up a curation strategy. So you can share quality content created by satisfied customers. It is a guarantee of quality for the prospects you want to seduce.


The companies that best reuse user content in 2017 are mainly B2C, but nothing prevents you from doing the same to help your brand stand out. Encourage your employees and customers to use this hashtag to unite a community! New call-to-action

Use Facebook user data to distribute your ads

Instagram revenue from mobile ads is expected to reach nearly $ 7 million in 2018. This is the number of advertisers who use the platform to reach their targets. You certainly think that Instagram ads are the preserve of B2C companies. In reality, because of the number of users, it is a fairly competitive market for them.

Despite the newer appearance of the social network, Instagram ads generate more engagement than Facebook ads. Three modes of advertising are available: photographs, carousels and videos. It’s the video content that converts the most. The commitment rate is even stronger if the user is convinced in the first 30 seconds.

In addition, a big advantage of Instagram ads is that they have the same user information as Facebook. Convenient to target a business sector!

Enjoy the retargeting of Facebook

Maybe you have been advised in previous marketing campaigns, but there is a Facebook analysis tool that adds to your code: the Facebook Pixel. Nothing special: people who have visited your website are identified by the social network. If he is not fully mature to buy, maybe his answer will be different when he looks at his feed again. It’s the power of retargeting.

Retargeting B2B

With the latest custom audience updates on Facebook, you can create contact lists based on users who watched your Instagram videos, who interacted with your forms, or who responded to your posts. This is a great way to see which audience is sensitive to your social media communication.

You get all the information you need to guide your content strategy on Instagram, improve your brand awareness and generate qualified leads.

The added value of Instagram for your business

Instagram allows your business to become known to both private and public users. More than 60% of users who follow brands on Instagram say they have discovered a new product or service on the platform.

You create an original brand identity

On Instagram, you can embark your followers in the adventure that is your business. Ask yourself for which values you want to be known and which audience you target.

Be careful, that does not mean putting your logo on each post or doing promotions all-away!

Give your visuals the leg of your business. At first glance we must be able to identify you, without having to check your logo. Clearly, you need a canvas that will allow you to post regularly interesting and impacting information.

Some brands use the codes of Instagram to set up an impactful communication like Staples for Christmas 217: Instagram staples

This year, do not hesitate to post on Instagram Story. They have more than 300 million daily active users, much more than Snapchat. They can also allow you to send surveys to people who follow you. Even better, Instagram is currently testing a story-sharing feature, “regram,” a broadcast opportunity full of potential!

You develop your employer brand

Do you want to show young talent that your business is a great place to work? Show them what your employees do in life, which they are passionate about. Let’s be logical: seeing people simply sitting at desks is not very attractive.

Tip: Separate your company’s Instagram account from the Instagram account dedicated to your recruitment. That’s not bad for big companies like Visa or Dell.

You’ll soon be able to link your Instagram content to product listings 

An image is much more powerful than a text, an even more video. Instagram understood this well, since it has developed an offer for e-commerce companies. In short: your content becomes clickable and take the user to a more detailed product page. From here you can take them to your site to finalize the sale.

The feature is not yet available in France. In test on the United States last year, it should be deployed to other countries in 2018. Pay attention to trends!

Implement a B2B communication strategy on Instagram

  • Determine your goal on Instagram

Instagram allows you to communicate to your targets in a different way from other social networks. You must identify your primary goal by the SMART method, such as:

Increase sales by 20% in 2018 Attract 1.5 times more visitors to your website by July doubling his followers on Instagram this year Recruit talent for the company

  • Set up a strategy

You probably know the best practices to post on Instagram. But for your strategy to be effective, be sure to respect this checklist:

You post regularly and at the best times: test different hours and analyze the results. The most effective companies on Instagram post about 5 times a week.

You choose the right content: in relation to your objectives and the specificities of the platform, determine which aspects of your company you highlight (products, services, team, events …)

You have a recognizable style: your graphic is an excellent starting point for identifying your brand at a glance. Also remember to use similar Instagram filters on each of your posts.

You’ve created a hashtag for your business – it’s not just about using your business name as a hashtag, but it’s also about creating a hashtag that encourages people following you to post content with that keyword.

You determine your interactions with other brands on Instagram: unity is strength! Get in touch with your customers and prospects: maybe there are potential consumers among their followers?


An excellent example of B2B Instagram is Hubspot. All of their visuals do not necessarily contain their logo or value proposition, but they are very recognizable. In addition their communications are segmented on several different Instagram. An example to follow!

Analyze your results

Once your communication strategy is in place, you need to know how effective it really is. Here are some key metrics to follow about your Instagram account:

  • The volume of the community (your number of subscribers and its evolution)
  • the number of mentions (the number of likes and comments)
  • the number of clicks on the URL of your company biography 
  • The commitment rate (number of mentions compared to the number of subscribers)

Measuring your performance will allow you to determine your ROI (return on investment), but also to determine the causes of failure.

Some of these indicators are available directly on an Instagram professional account. They mainly concern the demographics of your users, and the publications that perform the best. They will help you determine what part of your target is on Instagram and how to reach it at best.

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