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Real growth you can count on


Ever since I started using GramGrowing I have seen drastic improvement on my page. I run a fitness based account and I selected the gym buff program, hoping to build my following. Not only has my following more than doubled in the first few weeks, but the interaction on my posts has been phenomenal. I was somewhat skeptical at first because I was under the impression that this was just another “buy your followers” program.

That is not the case at all. GramGrowing is interested in actually GROWING your page, not just giving out a bunch of inactive account followers. I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about GramGrowing. They have great customer support-answering any questions or concerns I had in an extremely timely manner-and they truly do get you real and interactive followers.

Received more clients!


Since I started using GramGrowing I’ve had nothing, but positive changes to my photography Instagram account. I quickly started gaining real followers who connected with what I was posting and not just fake automated accounts like so many Instagram bots do. My engagement went up in not only likes but also comments which is what is the most important. As a freelance photographer most of my work comes from social media and GramGrowing has allowed me to expand my audience, thus expanding my clientele which is the main goal for me.

Instagram done right


Social media is really the new forum of communication for  reaching your audience and not having good support means missing out on thousands of connections. Within months after signing up with GramGrowing my account went from a couple hundred to five thousand real followers who I interact with. Customer service has always been on point with helping me capture the audience I am looking for and answer any questions, or making any changes, I have. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone wanting real growth with real people.

Sales Consultant + GramGrowing = Success


I am in the sales industry, and with social media booming I don’t have much time on my hands to generate followers and follow clients. Thank you GramGrowing for assisting me in this process! I had initially purchased the “Warm-up” package to see if it really worked…I am very impressed with their professional services. Being in the sales industry, customer service is extremely important to me. Let’s be honest, I don’t want to pay for anything if I’m not getting something in return. Not only during the day are followers flooding in but, I wake up to at least 13 new followers while snoozing!! I have an open line of communication with this company. Any questions I have or specifics I need done they do the job. I highly recommend taking their advice such as specific hash tags or adding locations to help grow your page or how request photos should be posted. Because of GramGrowing, my business has naturally become successful. I will continue to bring my business to them. Of course, I am already invested into the “Macho Man” package! Together you and GramGrowing can be a successful team and obtain the followers, likes, and comments you’re hoping to gain.


Core marketing strategy for our business


GramGrowing has been an incredible benefit to our business. We have seen amazing results in a short amount of time in real followers that are specifically targeted. This is a great way to increase interest in your business that we would suggest this to anyone looking to gain more real followers and potential clients that are truly interested in the things your business does. Their customer support has been attentive to our needs and has given us useful advice on how to improve our profile and content. We will definitely keep this service on as a core of our marketing and social media!

Helped my YouTube Channel


With the service I received, I gained over 400 followers in the first week, and my popularity continues to grow! I would even open my account and find that pictures from the past that only had about 60 likes went up to about 160+ likes. The support I got was really great especially the suggestions for making my profile more appealing to followers. The main goal was to boost my popularity on Instagram so I would have a more successful YouTube channel, and I really think this is the best way I could have done it. Overall, the service did beyond what I imagined and I was very satisfied.

Great Results and Great Support!


I started using GramGrowing January 2017. At first I was skeptical about the whole “buy Instagram followers” because in the past I had bought fake Instagram followers and had no success. I started off with The Light Weight package (Later on upgraded to the Macho Man >:) and immediately saw a natural growth of Instagram followers. Not only was I gaining real followers, but they were active and interested in my posts! In the first month I gained over 3000 followers and my likes, comments, and direct messages went through the roof. GramGrowing helped me build the car page I could have only dreamed about before. Right now I am at 16K followers and growing every day.

GramGrowing also has an amazing support team. Message them at strange hours/weekends/holidays and you are sure to get a response in a few hours!

Thanks for the Help!


I have been using GramGrowing for 4 months now and I have gained approximately 15,000 followers. In the first few weeks I noticed more likes and comments on my posts. The activity on my account was real, unlike other services that sell you fake Instagram followers. Because of the results, I will definitely continue to use GramGrowing to help build my page! GramGrowing support is very friendly and helpful. They helped me pick the best keywords for my posts and it wasn’t long before my posts appeared in the “Top Post” section in Instagram for #catsagram #caturday

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