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Have you heard about Instagram? After having converted 400 million Internet users, it is the turn of companies to succumb to Instagram, a social network that has become unavoidable.

What is Instagram?

Instagram, is a mobile application available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and tablet, it can also be used on PC. It allows to share photos and videos with his network of friends and to leave comments on the pictures posted by other users.

The social network Instagram belongs to Facebook since 2012, it was launched in 2010 by the American Kevin Systrom  and the Brazilian Michel Mike Krieger , both entrepreneurs and developers in computer science. According to official figures dated September 2015, Instagram has 400 million users in the world nicknamed “Igers”.

The mobile application includes the following features:

  • Creating a public profile,
  • Subscribing to user accounts,
  • Interactions with shared content like likes and comments,
  • Tags,
  • Promoted videos of 60 seconds,
  • Counters of views on videos,
  • The ability to create and manage multiple accounts from the app,
  • Connecting to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Some numbers,

Instagram ranks third in the top 10 social networks in the world in August 2015, behind Facebook leader and Chinese network Qzone.

At the end of 2015, Instagram is:

  • 400 million users,
  • 30 billion shared photos,
  • 2.5 billion “likes” every day,
  • 46% of users follow brands,
  • 70% of French members connect to Instagram at least once a day.

Sources: Moderator’s Blog

Instagram in the youth

Young people between 13 and 19 are hyper connected (13:30 per week on the Internet) and spend more and more time on social networks. Although Facebook is still in the lead, according to the latest Ipsos study, the social network Instagram detracts from Facebook with a 14% increase in registrations in 2015 compared to the 7% of registrants in 2014.

Young people aged 16 to 35 are the biggest fans of Instagram. It’s the mobile network par excellence by telling their stories via photos, selfies and comments. It is also a network very fond to learn about fashion, beauty, photography, music, stars and some brands.

Instagram and businesses

The social network is turning more and more to professionals and since the end of 2014 has been offering certified accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, accessible to brands and public figures. Instagram seduces companies and claims a larger audience than the Twitter social network. Brands capture this trend and target young people by telling stories, Storytelling! This audience for companies, represents advantages, such as:

  • The SEO,
  • A location-based marketing,
  • The development of the company’s presence on other social networks,
  • The federation of a community of fans with a strong commitment.

The Lacoste brand illustrates this trend with the launch of a new product, the LT12 racquet via Instagram. Not less than 7 episodes of campaigns performed on the visual and emotional shock for the community to feel engaged. These episodes are also available on Lacoste’s YouTube channel.

A company can connect its Instagram account with its website (adding a simple extension on WordPress for example). The social network also provides “tools” to add additional features like Facebook, such as:

  • Scheduling of publications at certain times,
  • The relay of images or videos posted by other Internet users,
  • Complete statistics.

Instagram is also introducing the Carousel Ads to help brands share stories through imagery. It’s a new way for brands to tell stories and share more images.


Instagram has quickly become a social network of reference in the field of social media. It is a pure product of the Y generation and a great asset to seduce a targeted audience by surfing on the trend of the moment: to put forward more and more visual contents while leaving a part to the graphic design.

The arrival of stars, personalities and major brands contributes to the success of the social network among young people who can follow them. Like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram seeks to improve the user experience and now offers certified accounts to ensure the user that the account on which it is, is true.

But make no mistake, the global success of Instagram is also thanks to Facebook that he must. As shown in the graph below, the number of registrants on the platform exploded between 2012 and 2013, after the buyout by the social network. Instagram has grown from 30 million registered users in April 2012 to 300 million in December 2014. Because if the application remains independent within Facebook (it is still run by its co-founder Kevin Systrom), it benefits from the technological, marketing and commercial power of its big sister.

In France, it is Facebook that directly manages its commercial deployment by selling advertising space. The site offers advertisers a self-service tool that allows brands to create their own campaign and target their audience according to different criteria (age, interest, location …). Almost as simple as posting a picture.

Will Instagram continue its explosive growth? Will he dethrone his big brother Facebook?

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