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How To Get More Followers

But before you even start talking about these 10 tips to get more followers on Instagram, we want to warn you that we will not present a magic bullet here. All the solutions we offer here depend heavily on you and your commitment to your Instagram profile, as well as your brand!

Get more followers on instagram

1. Using #hashtags

The #Hashtag is a well-known expression of Internet users in the most varied situations, but especially during publications on social networks. They are composed of the # symbol, followed by a keyword identifying the theme of your publication.

And why is it important to use hashtags?

Whenever you publish and use a specific hashtag, you direct your content to users interested in your niche .

Let’s explain better with an example:

Imagine taking a picture of your breakfast and giving Instagram tips about what you eat in the morning.

If your field of intervention is healthy food, it will be interesting to place hashtags such as #beforehand, #food, nutrition or another word related to what you are doing.

Using hashtags, you can promote the viewing of your posts for people looking for something specific. In addition, if you monitor these markings, you will have an idea of ​​what your competitors have posted, find out what the market trends are, and have the opportunity to present your profile to others.

how to use instagram hashtags
Instagram hashtags

This means that hashtags are a great way to get more followers on Instagram, because you can promote your content to people who search through keywords, even if they do not know your brand.

However, avoid exaggerating with hashtags and do not post words that are too generic, such as #instagram, #follow, or any other word that is unrelated to your segment.

2. Interact with other profiles

It is very important to interact with other profiles, especially those related to your area of ​​expertise.

Do you remember the hashtags of the previous trick? Take the opportunity and start interacting with other profiles using the keywords that you too have used. Just be careful not to start following your competitors instead of potential customers.

Another way to interact is to always reply to comments about your posts. It is very important to strengthen the links between your brand and those interested in what you offer. And if you respond to comments, it tells users that you care about what they have to say.

Also try clicking on “Like” and commenting on your potential customers’ posts, so that they know you’re interested in what they have to say as well.

However, be very careful not to be considered SPAM, which is the subject of our next tip.

3. Avoid SPAM

SPAM is about sending messages too frequently to people who have not shown any interest in your product / service (to learn more, read our post SPAM: what is it and how to avoid this practice ).

The previous tip suggests that you interact with other profiles on Instagram, both by following new users and clicking on “Like”. However, you must be very careful to avoid SPAM.

Do not start following the profiles randomly, just so that they follow you too, and do not think to click on “Like” only to do the same with you. Anything you do to get more followers on Instagram will have to be done taking into account the good experience of your subscriber.

So it will not help to interact with those who show no interest in what you have to offer. Do you remember trick number 1? Use hashtags to find out which users really want to access your content.

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4. Think about your persona

Whatever social network you use, it is always imperative to think about your persona before publishing (if you have any doubts on this subject, read our publication How to create a persona for your business ).

Who do you want to reach with your posts?

What type of content do you think is most appealing to your potential customers?

What has been addressed in your niche and needs to be highlighted?

When you are able to accurately define who your persona is, it will be easier to schedule publications that attract users’ attention. And the more you think about the audience you want to reach, the more likely you are to have more followers on Instagram, by virtue of the type of publication adopted.

5. Post at specific times

Instagram is a dynamic social network, so it’s interesting to publish content regularly. But in addition to being consistent and regular in your publications (the subject of the following tip), you can consider doing them at specific times and pre-set according to your person (persona?).

Tip number 4 is very important, because from this approach you will have several ideas about the best post options. After having defined your persona well, you will be able to discover his habits in terms of purchases, his tastes and his preferences in general.

If your Instagram profile is a business profile, then you have access to information such as the days and times your subscribers are on the network. You will be able to think of the best moments to publish, so that your posts will appear on the news feed of the people just when they will be browsing this social network.

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6. Keep consistency and regularity in your publications

In addition to discovering the hours when the greatest number of followers are on Instagram, you must be consistent and regular. This consistency and regularity of publication will be important not only to keep the subscribers already obtained, but also to obtain new ones.

If you publish interesting content regularly, people will consider your profile on Instagram as a reference of your niche.

In the previous tip, we said that Instagram is a dynamic social network. Do not hesitate to post every day and even less to publish more than once a day. Try to identify the times when users are most often on this network and always try to post something interesting regularly.

The only precaution to be taken is not to exaggerate the volume of messages, which could tire users because of an overposting . There is no ideal volume of publications. The secret here is to analyze how your subscribers receive your messages, to identify the ideal volume of posts per day for your profile.

7. Make videos

The video format is a popular format among Internet users, mainly because it is a convenient way to consume content. So why not post videos on your Instagram?

There is one type of publication that is widely used on Instagram, these are short videos with a maximum duration of 1 minute. With these publications, you’ll be able to discuss topics related to your persona, such as tips for your niche, by incorporating captions so that subscribers can understand everything you want to show using videos.

In addition, there is also the possibility of creating stories, which are shorter publications and made available to users for only 24 hours. The stories are very interesting in the sense of showing the daily life of your brand, so that the subscribers feel in momentary interaction with you.

Another type of video likely to be exhibited on Instagram are the lives, with a maximum duration of 60 minutes. It’s also a great way to interact instantly with your followers.

Exhibiting more than one publishing format on your Instagram account shows users that you care about presenting good content in different formats, with the goal of satisfying as many people as possible.

8. Offer added value to your subscribers

It is useless to have multiple publications if they do not offer concrete value to your subscribers.

You must publish interesting images and videos to your audience. Understanding your persona means knowing what you want and what content can encourage you to know your business better.

You do not need to have an account on Instagram just to advertise your product / service. You need to show people that you understand what they need and want to help them find a way to solve their problems.

When you publish something that is in the public interest of your audience, you’ll be able to get more followers on Instagram because you’re not just targeting sales, but creating content that’s valuable to you. your audience.

9. Organize contests on your profile

Have you ever seen competitions on Instagram profiles with a draw in exchange for tagging friends on a specific post or sharing and enjoying an image?

Creating contests is a good way to get more followers on Instagram, especially if you ask your followers to score friends on the contest image.

If they do, it is likely that the tagged people will come to look at your profile and if they like the contest, they can score other users of this social network or even start following your profile.

It’s a way of giving visibility to your business. But make sure to organize contests worthy of confidence, with effective discount of the price.

10. Make partnerships

Knowing other people in your market is fundamental to creating good partnerships .

Of course, you do not necessarily have to associate with your direct competitors, but it is interesting to be able to count on other people involved in your niche.

Imagine yourself as an English teacher. Would not it be nice to establish a partnership agreement with a travel promotion agency in the United States? So, you could advertise your courses on the agency profile and present the promotions of this agency on your profile.

Partnerships are essential to attract Instagram users to your profile.

By the way, you can implement tip number 9 and hold contests with partners. Together, you will be able to draw something for the benefit of the subscribers of the 2 profiles on Instagram, by establishing as a condition of the draw that people follow the two accounts.

11. Promote your Instagram

It’s useless to have a profile on Instagram and make interesting posts, if you do not promote your page.

So use your accounts on other social networks to show your subscribers that you also have an account on Instagram, regularly updated. This will help you get followers on Instagram because some people who follow your account on Facebook, for example, may not know your Instagram page yet.

Also, let people know that your customers, friends, and family know that you have an active profile on Instagram. These people can also help you promote your profile.

And finally, an excellent way to increase your subscriber count is to use the geolocation tool (GPS). Activate your GPS when putting your post online, especially if you have a regional business. Your messages will appear as suggestions to other users who use GPS and publish in the same area as you.

12. Prioritize ads

If you can afford to advertise, do not hesitate to do so.

It’s not a question of spending money in this kind of strategy, but it’s interesting to create paid ads to make your publications better known.

Do you know native advertising?

The advantage of this type of advertising is the lack of discomfort with regard to the user’s experience on the social network, because they are subtle. 

If you invest in advertising, you will be able to present your brand to other Instagram users, which is why this type of ad helps you to get more followers on Instagram.

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