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Having a lot of Instagram followers is one thing. Having a lot of quality is another. We give you here some tips that will allow you to get attentive, participatory and communicative followers on the social network number 1 photo sharing.


Our tips for increasing your followers on Instagram

  • Have a complete profile

This is definitely the first thing to do. Your profile should be attractive and above all make other users trust. Many people do not initially think about enriching their biography. If it’s not already done, take the time to do it, so users will be able to see who you are and what you’re doing, and avoid thinking you’re a usurper.

  • Follow the accounts that interest you

Instagram is actually a community and you will gain followers if you are a true active member of this community. For this, it is necessary to search for profiles that share the same interests as you and to follow them. In addition to having their latest photos appear in your news feed, there is a good chance they will subscribe to your account in return.

  • Like and comment on the photos

Once you’ve started tracking new accounts, do not hesitate to go for photos and add comments. Firstly because it will please the owner of the account and secondly because it allows you to be seen by other subscribers who may be tempted to take a look at your profile and follow you.

  • Post interesting content regularly and add some hashtags

Of course, you need to add value and keep your subscribers alert. To do this, post regularly photos or videos, create events with gifts to the key, basically, show that your account is unavoidable!

Your photos must be original and stand out to attract attention, avoid trivialities. Add a nice little text to read and hashtags related to the theme. Also use the most popular hashtags such as #love.

  • Find a niche hashtag that catches users’ attention

Like on Facebook and Twitter, the competition is fierce on IG. To hope to attract prospects, you must be interested in a particular niche. That’s why you have to spend a lot of time monitoring trends, spying on new hashtags.

Indeed, by finding the right hashtag and deploying it wherever you can, you will find subscribers who will want to know more about you.

  • Find a niche hashtag that brings you content for free

In this second step, we push a little further the monitoring of hashtags. The idea is simple: ask other users if you can share their content on your account. In 90% of cases, they will be very flattered that you ask them such a thing.

Moreover, the chances that they will follow you in return will be all the stronger! It is an ultra-easy solution to get new subscribers very easily!

Geolocate your photos

Geolocation makes it possible to place the published photos on a “photo card” and offers the possibility to go to an open place via the application. This is a good method to increase the number of subscribers because many people enjoy clicking on locations (restaurants, bars, cultural places …).

Your photos, attached to a place, are likely to be seen by a large number of users.

Co-sponsor a quiz

One of the best ways to get subscribers in two-strokes is simply to organize an event in partnership with another Instagram account (preferably in the same niche as yours).

This will allow followers to follow your brand as well as that of your partner and on top of that, quizzes are very simple to set up!

Inform about the existence of your account

If you are a professional, consider informing your current customers about the existence of your account. This will allow you to garner a non-negligible number of additional subscribers. If you have a blog or website, use a widget that will give visitors a small snapshot of your account.

In addition, consider informing your audience through your other means of communication (e-mail, contact form and social networks) and take care of your e-reputation .

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