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Today, social networks have taken a big place in our lives. Before it was through forums that we communicated mostly with others, but since then everything has evolved. Everyone, or almost everyone now has an account on social networks. Today, let’s talk about Instagram.

Indeed, Instagram is today part of one of the most used social networks on the net. He walks a little differently from others. If you are a company or if you just want your account to be a little more known, I suggest you to see in these few lines what you can do to get there.

Choose a theme for your account before anything

What are you going to talk about in your Instagram account? If you do not have an account yet, take the time to think about it. If you already have one, but you have no specific things to say, it’s time to think about it especially if you want your account to be better known. It is easier for Instagrammers to follow you if you work on one and the same theme, they know at least what the account is running on.

If, for example, you want to talk about fashion, you will always have to link the photos and publications you are going to make to the theme of my fashion. In any case, that’s what I advise you to do if you want to have more likes and subscribers in your account.

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Look after your profile

You must also take care of your profile. Know that this is the first thing people will see of your account. It is therefore essential that you do your best so that the profile is the best possible.

What I advise you at first is to choose a beautiful photo to represent you on your profile. A beautiful photo is above all a photo of good quality, very clear, but which is just as good the theme you chose on your account. If you are going to talk about cat, put for example a beautiful picture of you and your cat or your cat only.

You must also take the time to write the part of your biography. Indeed, I absolutely recommend that you take care of the writing of this part so that you can more easily present to others what you will do with your account. A good description can indeed be enough to interest the Instagramers to follow you.

Publish regularly

For people to come on your profile, to have more likes and to encourage them to subscribe, I advise you to take the time to animate your account. You must take the time to establish a schedule of publications. You have to choose how fast you publish on your wall: daily? Every week or when?

Keep the same pace

Another important thing to consider is the time of publication. Once you have chosen the day, you must also choose a suitable time for your publications, so that they are more likely to be seen those who follow you. What do we do in the morning when we wake up and in the evening before going to bed? Yes, we go on social networks to check our mail, inquire about news or post new photos. In the morning, at tea time, at lunch time or in the evening are especially the best moments.

I also advise you to take good care of all your publications, think about making interesting publications, publications that really bring something to your subscribers. You have to rack your brains, but that’s the price to pay for a running account. You will find I am sure.

Remember that you must stay in your theme if you want to keep your subscribers. This is actually a way to retain them so that they remain subscribed to your account. If you are talking about cat, they are subscribers, that’s because they probably have a cat too. If you talk about dogs for example, it might annoy them.

Choose beautiful photos

In your publications, you must always choose beautiful photos. I advise you to choose quality photos before anything else. They must not be fuzzy or too pixelated, we must see easily what this represents.

It is true that many brands have switched to the use of professional cameras, but do not be afraid if your images are made on IPhone. I think the difference between mobile cameras and pro devices is becoming less and less obvious. Think about composition, color and light. Bright images attract 24% more likes than dark images. 

I also advise you to choose your photos by making sure to create a beautiful harmony in your account. What I mean is mostly about colors. Do not publish black and white photos with flashy photos for example. The rendering will be very affected and your subscribers will probably not appreciate.

To make your Instagram account work, you have to pay attention to all these little details, details that are important. We cannot deny that Internet users are demanding to bend to their will, their tastes and their need will allow you to get more like and have more subscribers.

Another thing, although you should not leave your account inactive if you want to have more likes and subscribers, you should not do too many publications in a day or a week. You will make yourself less interesting than more interesting like that.

Promote your account

Remember to announce the launch of your Instagram account on the official website of your company using badges. 

Instagram account verification is only for famous celebrities and well-known brands. However, the links on your official website and other social networks will help you gain credibility and encourage people to discover your account. 

Bring an original point of view

Obviously, there is a big difference between brands that only offer selfies with their products and those that publish backstage photos, thematic series of images or original videos. 

As in modern art, on Instagram it’s the style that makes the difference. Look for your style, find ways to stay remarkable with each photo. Post content that can motivate, amaze, fascinate, smile or distract your audience.

Make use of good hashtags to make yourself known

Hashtags are effective ways for people who do not subscribe to your account to see your posts as long as they search for hashtags. This can be a good way for you to earn more likes and subscribers to put hashtags on your posts.

But beware, you must not choose any hashtags. According to the experts’ advice today, boat hashtags should be avoided, for example, simply putting a dog picture on a dog. The solution is to choose several hashtags at once to accompany photos and publications.

However, be careful because abusing hashtags is not a good idea. Indeed, it takes three or six more because otherwise, others will suspect that you only want to make you interesting, have more like and it will have the opposite effect.

Communicate as much as possible with others.

To make yourself known on Instagram, do not just animate your account and make publications; you must also be in touch with as many people as possible, interact with your subscriptions as well as your subscribers too.

I advise you not only to wait for subscribers, subscribe to accounts, but choose large accounts to publicize your profile. Leave likes and comments that others will see. Do the same for your subscribers, like their publications and reply as much as possible to their comments.

Instagram for Advertisement

By following the Instagram official guide, you can easily launch your first Instagram campaign. But there are a few things to consider for your investments to produce good results. Here are my tips for successful advertising on Instagram. 

  • Use call-to-action to encourage users to take action. Make your brand recognizable through your content. For example, you can use the colors or style of your brand. But be careful, do not be intrusive by putting your logo everywhere!
  • Do not put a lot of text on your images, try to convey your message through visuals. Vary the types of content. Feel free to launch your advertising campaign with quality video, this format can attract more audience.
  • Analyze your first campaigns to understand how to captivate your audience. Like any other advertising platform, Instagram has a set of criteria to follow when you create your campaign:
  • Your ad can not contain more than 300 characters, including hashtags.
  • The recommended size for images is 1080 × 1080 pixels. 
  • The minimum size required is 600×600 pixels. 
  • Videos must have a resolution of 72 pixels and last between 3 and 30 seconds.
  • The maximum size of video files is 30 MB.

It’s amazing how Instagram has progressed since 2010. Today, this application has many services for the business, and that’s not all, it continues to grow. So, do not wait any longer and enjoy! And do not hesitate to share your opinion and your experience with us in the comments!

Remember that Instagram, like any other social network, is an excellent tool to improve your e-reputation. Analyze the comments under your posts, study the positive and negative reviews of your subscribers and answer their questions. Remember that customer feedback is the key to showcasing your business. 

Generally, people like to communicate with brands. The more you communicate with your Instagram audience, the less likely your potential customers will be between your product and your competitor. By showing your presence on social networks, you initiate a relationship of trust and bring customers closer to your brand!


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