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How To Grow Instagram In 2019

You surely know that as a communication channel, Instagram is becoming more and more popular with individuals and companies who wish to develop their brand image.

Instagram is particularly interesting for personifying a brand, recruiting employees, promoting products or its corporate culture, and attracting new customers. However, it can be difficult to get a lot of followers on Instagram.

How to get more followers on Instagram?

Fortunately, there are other easy-to-implement solutions for bringing together the first quality subscribers with your personal or professional Instagram profile. The question is where to invest your time and energy.

1 – Create and optimize your profile

First, you need to customize your Instagram profile to catch the eye, introduce yourself to your potential subscribers and make them want to follow you.

Start by checking that your username is clearly identifiable and easy to find: use for example the name of your company. If this name is not available, if possible, use the first term of your username to help users find you easily.

2 – Choose a content authoring manager

Just like your other social media accounts, your Instagram account must be managed by one person (possibly two). If possible, choose a member of your team who understands the spirit of the platform and knows all of its features.

If you work for a large organization, many people may want to contribute content. In this case, it may be useful to write a reference document. This document should specify the procedure for requesting publication on Instagram, and indicate when and why to publish.

3 – Sharpen your skills in shooting and photo retouching

On Instagram, the quality of posts is absolutely essential. On Twitter, a bad Tweet is quickly forgotten. No way, however, to publish an unsightly photo on Instagram.

There is no need to hire a professional photographer or train for months before you start. Some basic tips on shooting and photo editing should be enough.

Shooting skills

Since Instagram is a mobile application, most published photos will probably be taken with a mobile. Some brands use professional-quality devices for their Instagram account, but most are content with smartphones, which is in perfect agreement with the spirit of the platform.

Here are some key points:

Focus on a single subject

Play with negative space

Discover interesting perspectives

Look for symmetry

Capture the details

Make your subscribers laugh

Photo editing skills

Instagram offers some basic editing features, but these may not be enough. Most of your photos will go through one or two touch-up apps before being opened in Instagram.

These applications allow all kinds of modifications: to enhance the sharpness of certain elements, to lighten certain tones to illuminate your photo, etc.

4 – Start posting posts

Once your profile is created and optimized, the designated content manager, and your refreshed photography and photo editing skills, it’s time to start publishing.

We recommend that you post at least 15 posts before you begin to actively interact with other users and move on to the next steps. So when users see your profile, their screen will be full of photos and they will expect you to see captivating content regularly.

Over time, you will begin to stock available images, such as weekend and vacation photos.

Make sure to adapt your publication schedule to your target person. The frequency and time of publication vary depending on your target audience (especially in the event of jet lag). 

Optimizing your schedule for your audience takes time. Our studies show that it’s best to publish your Instagram posts from Monday to Thursday at the time of your choice, except between 3 pm and 4 pm, paying attention to the time zone of your target persona.

Since the Instagram app is primarily for mobile use, users log in at any time, but they tend to interact with the content in their free time rather than during their work hours. Test different times to see what’s right for your audience.

5 – Collect content

While it’s best to have one or two people manage your account at the most, these people can not be everywhere at once to find all the content that’s worth publishing, so invite your colleagues to pick them up. to send you photos of their meetings, meals or any other activity of their daily work.

The possibilities are multiple. You can create an e-mail address for this purpose, and invite your teams to send photos, video clips, hyperlapses, etc. Just ask them to describe the content in the subject line in order to easily sort the received emails. E-mail is not the easiest way to centralize photos, but it’s the easiest way for your teams, and the easier it is to send you content, the more you’ll receive.

If your team has a Dropbox account, you can also create a shared folder where to upload photos and videos. This procedure is however more laborious, and everyone does not have the application on mobile. 

6 – Write captivating captions to entice users to share your posts

Even though photos and videos are the essence of Instagram, be sure not to overlook the legends. Quality captions personify your brand, attract subscribers and encourage them to share your content, thus helping to increase your brand awareness.

You can generate engagement by asking questions or inserting call-to-action into your captions. These will offer, for example, users choices such as “Double-click if you’re laughing” or “Share your experience in comments.” 

7 – Use relevant hashtags

Let’s take a look at hashtags: on Instagram, a hashtag is used to link the conversations of different users into one stream. By using relevant hashtags, you can expand your audience beyond your subscribers and users who already know you.

Be sure to use hashtags with finesse and moderation. Limit yourself to about three hashtags per legend. Do not mention different versions of the same hashtag, such as #memehashtag or #memeshashtags. This crude tactic will only bring you subscribers of low quality.

To find hashtags that may appeal to your audience, search your niche or industry. The easiest way is to browse the Instagram app directly via the Explorer tab (magnifying glass icon).

When you search for a hashtag, a list of associated hashtags appears at the top of the screen. For example, by searching #inboundmarketing on Instagram, we found hashtags like #onlinemarketing, #contentmarketing, and so on.

To interact with your subscribers on a more personal level, you can hang on to trendy hashtags like #MotivationMonday or any other popular hashtag.

Once your subscribers are loyal, you can launch your own hashtags, for example by taking over the name of your company or a relevant slogan. It’s an effective way to build brand awareness on the platform and develop a consistent presence.

8 – Interact with other users, including your subscribers

Instagram is a community, so do not hesitate to search for users who post interesting photos, follow their account and interact with their content. This is the most natural way to draw attention to your own account while finding your place in the community, and to glean inspiration.

This type of interaction has two effects: first, when a user receives a notification that you are following it, they are likely to view your account and perhaps follow you as well. It is therefore important to feed your account with content before you start interacting with other users.

Second, the latest posts from the accounts you follow will appear in your newsfeed, and you can easily respond to them if you wish.

As you gather subscribers, show them appreciation by responding to their comments, following their account, and responding to their posts.

9 – Establish synergies with users who target an audience similar to yours

Once you have established good relationships with users with an audience similar to yours, you can offer them to promote each other.

In your reciprocal promotion posts, try to be as natural as possible (especially in captions), to avoid looking like spam. Better to stay selective, so do not abuse the process.

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