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Everyone will tell you, Instagram is THE fashionable social network! Instagram is gradually becoming a benchmark for new emerging brands. Very used in a B2C context, Insta (for intimates) makes it possible to create and grow a community quickly and simply. Discover our tips to go from 0 to 1000 followers on Instagram.

Instagram Followers

Instagram, a strategic social network

Depending on your business, Instagram can be a surefire tool for creating and unifying a community. Some brands have also decided to create a strategy based entirely on Instagram (cc: Daniel Wellington). Users on Instagram are very engaged if they like the content. Moreover, with the “discover” function, it is very easy to develop your community thanks to the personal communities of your followers. On Instagram, there are several levers for creating and developing a community.

Techniques to go from 0 to 1000 subscribers on Instagram


To boost your performance, you must be active and create content regularly on Instagram. Although spontaneity takes precedence over Instagram, you can organize yourself to save time. Apps such as Buffer and Hootsuite let you schedule your posts … so do not miss out! So depending on your activities and your news, you can plan posts in advance. For example, it’s soon Mother’s Day, you can now plan a post for this occasion.

Do not hesitate to create an editorial calendar for 3 months to see your events, your news, your product focus, etc.

To find out if content is relevant to your audience, just analyze the numbers! If you post pictures of your meals while you sell clothes, the craze may be very limited. Everything is a question of editorial line… 


The editorial line! We read everywhere on the web that it is essential to any strategy on the web … It is also true on Instagram. The editorial line of your account is what will allow your community to identify you among your competition and users to subscribe to your account. If nobody understands your editorial line, no one will subscribe. You must add value to the user. Why must he follow you? Your visuals are beautiful, your feed is harmonious, your posts are relevant, etc.

For example, the Konbini media is very active on Facebook and especially very followed (over 3,600,000 people), because we understand perfectly the editorial line: pop culture, news, trends, series, music… On Instagram, “only »300,000 people follow the media online. And it must be said that it is difficult to navigate this account!

Even the community management specialists from the private group “Le Journal du CM” are wondering about Konbini’s positioning. By the way, is there a positioning? To believe the 72 comments under the photo: NO. There is, however, a “catch-all  ” trend of pop culture.

Pay close attention to your editorial line! It must be clear and understandable for your audience. To understand what pleases or not, you must test! And do not hesitate to use the poll function in the stories. 

Tips: you want to keep a harmonious Instagram feed and for this you want to see how your next post will fit into your feed … Nothing simpler. With the Preview app for Instagram, you’ll see how your next photos will fit into your feed without publishing them to your community!


To advertise your account on Instagram, you can certainly let things happen, but it will take (a lot) time. Subscribers of your followers (am I clear?) You can discover through the likes of these on your publications via the tab “magnifying glass” Instagram. But there are techniques to make your account more quickly. For example, you can go to the accounts of people in your target (your persona) to subscribe or like or comment on a photo. But be sure to stay relevant and do not overdo it! If you have defined your persona well, your content will appeal and you will be able to make your account easily and gain followers.

You can of course automate all these actions via applications such as, but you will lose the human side of your Instagram account. There is nothing more annoying than receiving comments like “nice pic” or followers who leave you after only 24 hours…


Of course, we had to talk about it! After the relevant content, the editorial line, and the “free” methods to make one’s account known, one had to talk about advertising. On Instagram, you can create a promotion directly from your mobile business account or you can create an advertisement from the Facebook Business Manager linked to your Instagram account.

From your profile, you will be able to boost your existing publications. On the Business Manager, you will be able to create more elaborate and thoughtful advertisements. On Instagram, you’ll be able to create carousel ads to showcase some of your products, as well as videos, a single photo, or story ads. The social network belonging to Facebook obviously allows you to add a call-to-action. For example, buy, book now, register, install, download, use the app, contact us, find out more … It all depends on your goals. To grow your account, you can boost an existing post with your target audience to discover your account.

You can also create an advertisement on the Business Manager by choosing to broadcast only on Instagram. To grow your community, choose Brand Awareness, Interaction, or Scope. Once again, everything depends on your goals … Moreover, like Facebook, you determine your daily budget and the duration of your campaign.


On Instagram, the contests are strong! Engaging, popular and effective, quizzes are the secret recipe for getting subscribers quickly. However, make sure you already have an active community to avoid the flop. For the mechanics of the contest, you can dare everything on Instagram: like, follow, repost, tag friends… It’s up to you, Instagram is not as strict as Facebook in terms of rules for quizzes. To grow your community, you obviously need to ask participants to follow you.

You can also consider competitions in partnership with complementary brands to yours that have a similar and larger community. Thanks to this, you will be able to make yourself easily known.

The contests are sometimes a little misunderstood by social networking professionals because they “artificially inflate” the community. Indeed, you can have in the lot of participants called “concouristes” as they are called in the middle! Some people participate in quizzes all day without being really interested in the brand or the product. These people will not be active and committed to your brand after the end of the contest. Fortunately, this remains a minority and we will not spit in the soup at startup.


Great trend of the year 2018, the micro-influencers are ALL ABOUT. More affordable than well-established influencers, micro-influencers (up to 10,000 subscribers) are relevant in an Instagram strategy.

For starters, you need to spend time on Instagram to identify micro-influencers relevant to your business. You need to find Instagramers who have communities similar to your personas. To do this, analyze the communities of micro-influencers precisely to be sure that they correspond to your brand. Also pay close attention to the engagement rate. This is a key indicator to detect follower purchase.

You can offer several types of partnerships to these emerging influencers:

Post one or more photos of your product on Instagram with a tag from your account (example: @blablabla).

A quiz to win your product to subscribers of the micro-influencer with subscription to your account.

A personalized promo code valid on the site for 1 week (example: freddy20).

These types of partnerships are very often complementary.

To begin, micro-influencers will be partners of choice. Tanke has done a very relevant study on micro-influencers:

  • Buying followers

It is indeed a solution … to banish. Very popular on the Instagram sphere, buying followers is not recommended at all! Certainly, this gives the illusion that your account is being followed by an important community … And you all know the adage that says “the world is calling the world”. Not false. But “the world” will quickly see that the engagement rate on your publications is zero! So, take the time to build a true committed community. You will have many more benefits in the long term.

In short, there are 1001 ways to grow your Instagram community! It will all depend on the time and budget you want to give to your Instagram account. The more time you invest in content creation, the more you’ll pay for your paid campaigns, for example. Do you have any other tips for growing your community on Instagram? To your comments!

Here’s a guide on how instagram growth works

  • Instagram training: boost your sales with this social network

Instagram is a real acquisition lever for companies. Depending on your business, Instagram can be magnet to prospects. Our training will allow you to understand the issues and especially to use Instagram in the right way.

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