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Earning Instagram followers is a challenge for many brands. Unfortunately, the number of followers is an important indicator of the potential of a brand, like the number of likes. That said, in reality, quality always prevails over quantity.

Faced with this situation, many brands that have not managed to achieve success on Instagram have gone on the dark side, choosing quick and cheap solutions to increase their number of followers: do you believe that it can work?

Grow instagram followers

Before falling into ease, be aware that buying followers for Instagram will lose all credibility. That’s not all: it will seriously damage your strategies.

The Killer Guide to instagram followers and the interest of creating your own databases

On the other hand, gathering information and data from a trusted source will inspire you to make better decisions and achieve better results. It’s proven. E-mail marketing strategies are a good example of how to have a real influence through your own databases, since buying them has no interest.

The same is true of social networks: the purchase of information has the risk of attracting false data. You will grope with useless bots for your business. In addition to thwarting your strategies, stalling your stats, and making things more complex, you’re likely to tarnish your relationship with your audience.

The main Instagram users know this app on their fingertips. They are unaware of any trick to cheat and watch the marks closely. Do you really want to take the risk of losing a great opportunity to generate commitment? Consider that the majority of this audience is Millennial, and you know how hard it is to impress them. Do you think you can take that risk?

How to naturally get more followers on Instagram

  1. Optimize your profile

Strangely, many brands do not fill every field in their profile. It is essential to establish links with his community because it is a showcase.

How would you have more followers if they cannot even recognize you at first glance? Your profile should quickly identify the brand. Ideally, use your name, your logo in the main image, and a brief description.

Do not forget to add a link as this can be very useful. Depending on the strategy you set up on Instagram, you can add a link to your home page or a specific landing page.

  • Take advantage of other channels to gain visibility

To attract Instagram followers, users must first know you. To do this, instead of waiting for them, you can do several things to make yourself known.

You can publish on your other social networks that you already have a space with loyal followers. Just like Sony Mobile, who spoke to his Facebook community to announce his new profile on Instagram based on a specific product: this gave the public a reason to follow his profile.

Get Instagram Followers

If you choose this strategy, keep in mind all the details that come into play. Look closely at the example image: the URL is customized. Do it too to rate the traffic on your Instagram page from other social networks.

There is also a button to access your profile on your website and in all your e-mail communications. Thus, the chances of finding you will be greater and you will have more followers on Instagram.

  • Create quality content

The real secret of Instagram is the multimedia material. The text takes second placeon this social network. Try to find interesting pictures and videos to surprise your followers.

Fuzzy or useless photographs are irrelevant. In addition, other settings influence your content strategy:

  • Find the best time to publish

According to TrackMaven, the commitment on Instagram remains fairly constant during the week, even if it increases slightly on Mondays and decreases slightly on Sundays.

However, as shown in the Quick Sprout infographic, the best time is between 3 pm and 4 pm

This data can serve as a starting point, but remember that your target determines your schedule. The best way to find the perfect time is by testing your own publications.

Take the time to post content at different times and review the number of impressions and likes you get. You’ll get an idea of ​​the hours your target audience spends consulting you, and you’ll know when to launch new products.

In this sense, Prime is an application that analyzes the best moments of the day and even of the week. It will give you clues to organize your publications and know what time to launch them.

  • Be constant

There is no magic formula for establishing a publication frequency on Instagram. A report from Simply Measured notes, however, that 75% of the best brands publish at least once a week.

Keep in mind that you need to make sure your content appears on the “Discover” button of Instagram users. Only then can they find you if they do not know you, and you will have more opportunities to touch them. You must also think about your followers: they follow you because they want to hear from you, so do not disappoint them with a poor profile.

If you think that lack of time can trick you, Instagram has also thought about it. You can save your publications as drafts to save time. Otherwise, apps like Hootsuite will help you program them.

  • Use hashtags

Instagram is a social network where the hashtags are almost indispensable. If you use them correctly, you will have a reputation in the topics or concepts that interest you. You can also choose to create your own hashtag.

instagram hashtags

A good hashtag strategy can be oriented in several directions:

  1. You can create your own hashtagto differentiate yourself;
  2. You can also use the most common ones;
  3. Follow the trend and enjoythe hashtags in vogue;
  4. Use controversyto get attention.

Also, do not forget to take advantage of Instagram Location Stories and Hashtag Stories to improve your visibility.

  • Do not neglect subtitles and localization

Although this is a completely visual platform, the subtitles of each publication are also used to help you get followers on Instagram. So there are some tips that you can take into account:

  • Ask questions. This will invite your subscribers to leave comments. You will gain visibility.
  • Tag users. You can tag other platform users that appear in your photos. Either in the subtitle, or using the tagging feature of the application. In fact, as Simply Measured points out, publications that mention other users in their title have an average of 37% more engagement.
  • Tag your site. If your business has a physical store or offices, be sure to include this location on your photos and encourage your subscribers to do the same. This will help you expose your brand to more people.
  • Earn followers with contests

Draws, games, contests … Everything is good to take! It’s a great way to connect with your subscribers and increase engagement. Instagram competitions can be very varied, although the most common are “likes contests”. In this type of contest, users opt for the prizes you offer if they like your image.

However, competitions that require tracking different accounts are becoming more common. This, combined with a specific hashtag, can give a boost to your profile.

In addition, integrating the platform into your marketing campaigns can usually help you gain followers on Instagram. It’s a chance to connect offline and online experience.

For example, Taco Bell announced that they would start serving breakfast, and they did it using Instagram. They showed the product, attracting public attention. However, you can find many other uses. Use the social network to cover live events, such as conferences, meetings, promotions in the store … Everything works. And the more you humanize your profile, the better.

  • Measure your actions

It’s important that you measure the actions of your marketing campaigns on Instagram. This is the only way to evaluate the effectiveness of every content you have published in this social network. You’ll know which content works best and which video or image is most popular among users. You will know then that you will have to continue to use it.

  • Advertise on Instagram

It is very likely that your target audience is present on this social network. Instagram has more than 600 million monthly users: another way to earn followers is to publish advertisements. How would your target get to know you if you did not get talked about?

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