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Here’s How you can Become Instagram Famous

Does your business have an active and effective presence on Instagram? Do you use the platform to drive conversions and improve brand awareness? What does your marketing approach look like on Instagram? If you’re not sure what to do to take advantage of this great, visually-oriented channel, it’s time to learn and start building on the potential of this social network.

With these 700+ million users, Instagram is increasingly used to sell any type of product or service. From beauty products to high-tech products to infoproducts such as courses on how to become popular on Instagram, and so on.

Instagram caters to such a wide variety of users and entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons: a graphical clean interface with a strong visual orientation, easy to use, Instagram proves powerful in terms of growth, visibility and notoriety of your brand or your company.

In any case, if you are ready to enter a new market to sell your products and services, here are 10 tips to become popular on Instagram. But, let’s go step by step.

How to Build Your Popularity on Instagram

The best marketing strategies on social networks take several aspects and parameters into account: continually gain followers, boost the engagement rate, and make effective calls to action to generate clicks for example and so on. Instagram can help you achieve these kinds of goals.

The engagement rate is a metric that allows us to measure the level of interaction (likes, comments, views of videos …) average between the followers of a page and the content shared by it. It is calculated by dividing the average number of interactions (likes, comments, views of videos …) generated by a post by the number of followers.

For example, if a page has 100K followers, and a post published on this page generates an average of 1K interactions (likes, comments included considering a picture), then its engagement rate would be 1% c i.e. (1000/100000) * 100 .

SEO should always be an important lever for your digital marketing strategy, it’s true. However, you have very little chance to beat the big brands that are putting huge budgets on it to compete for the top spot on Google.

That’s why, social networks can be a powerful ally to reach small businesses that want to grow their audience and online presence.

You do not need a huge budget to stay efficient and effective by using e.g. Facebook ads. But as powerful and effective as it may be to use Facebook ads, it must be recognized that the organic reach and level of engagement on Facebook has dropped dramatically in recent years.

Where to put his head then? You understand it … on Instagram!!!

If we take into account statistics published by comparing Facebook and Instagram, from the point of view of marketers in recent years, this gives this:

  • The organic reach has decreased by 63% in the last four (04) years while it has reached 115% on Instagram
  • The percentage of Instagram users interacting with brands is more than two (02) times that of Facebook users
  • Only 36% of marketers use Instagram against 93% using Facebook
  • The average order value is much higher on Instagram than on Facebook
  • On Facebook, brands / companies reach only 6% of their followers / subscribers per publication while on Instagram, brands / companies reach only 100% of their followers / subscribers

Less competition, a much more engaged audience in addition to growing organic traffic, the verdict is clear: moving to Instagram is a great idea.

Now you know what Instagram can bring you in terms of marketing. However, if you have never had to integrate Instagram into your marketing, you may not know how to go about it. And even if you already know what to do, a refreshment would not be beneficial?

10 Tips to Boost Your Instagram Marketing

  1. Sell a lifestyle

One of the fastest and most effective / efficient ways to become popular on Instagram (gain visibility and followers) is to share photos and videos describing the lifestyle around your products and services without adopting an attitude too “seller”.

Instead, you show how your products and services contribute to a global lifestyle that appeals to your audience. Do not focus on selling your product by explaining how incredible it is. Concentrate on selling, however, the culture and experience that your products and services can provide.

For example, the idea of ​​selling backpacks may seem boring in itself. However, traveling, hiking or camping in the mountains can please many people.

  • Focus on visual content

Users are more likely to act if they can recognize your brand for miles. To accomplish this, you can follow the following instructions:

  • Create consistent visuals (images, videos) in terms of style and quality
  • Choose a color scheme to follow as much as possible
  • If you use filters, make sure to use the same ones
  • Do not stuff your images and text descriptions

If you execute these tips well, then your brand will be recognized immediately.

You can also take a look at Nike’s publications, they do that very well. Nike has built its image (online and offline) by making use of engaging images involving athletes and consumers.

Their iconic slogan “Just Do It” is at the heart of their brand strategy and moreover, this is visible on all social networks where Nike is present. When you see their publications, you know it is Nike, even without a logo or brand name.

So, you are summoned to appeal to your creativity. Do not just take a picture of a product and add a filter. The solution to create something different and unique can be as simple as this.

If your resources are limited, you can create images by attaching quotes or testimonials from clients. Just remember to keep in mind, the quality and the right color scheme.

  • Add a link to your profile in your bio

One of the main flaws of Instagram is the fact that this application gives us the possibility of only one live link (clickable). You cannot insert live links in the descriptions of your publications.

Indeed, the only place to put your link is in your bio (profile). So be sure to put something for your followers when they visit your profile. It can be a link to your Facebook page, a link to a blog post, a link to a personalized landing page, a link to an email capture page, or even a link to an e-commerce site.

And you can change this link as much as it seems necessary to direct your visitors to another type of content for example.

  • Have a very good logo

A good logo does not necessarily mean something complicated and / or super colorful. It can be something quite simple. I refer you to the Nike logo. Or the logo of the brand presented above.

Yes friends, Instagram is a platform with a strong visual orientation. So believe me, a bad logo with a degraded visual cannot be an advantage for your brand.

You do not just need a good logo because it can enhance your credibility and give a good first impression. You need a good logo to use as a watermark of your publications.

This way, if your content becomes viral, it will bring traffic back to you by making your brand known to more people. Business is knowing how to earn and keep the trust that customers can give you. The logo is the first step to implement this aspect.

  • Promote others and the content of others

This may seem counter-intuitive from the moment we agree that your goal is to promote your own brand / business – and believe me, promoting your brand alone is not easy at all.

If you help promote other brands and promote them in return, you tap both a wider audience and gain followers much faster. This can be done in many ways. You can opt for shout-outs of mentioning another brand in a given publication. Or opt for influence marketing that we will discuss later.

  • Make good use of hashtags

If you do not know concretely how hashtags work to connect, link or address content on the internet. This may seem like a stupid kid’s craze rather than something on which a professional organization should linger.

However, making good use of hashtags is pretty critical on Instagram. Indeed, it is one of the most effective ways to discover, make sales, view your content, interact with and learn about your brand / business even if they had never heard of you!

To be honest, finding the right hashtags for your business may require more or less considerable research time though it sounds simple. To help you accomplish this task, here is a list of free tools you can use.

TagBlender:is a tool for generating hashtags that you can use to find hashtags that will allow you to gain more followers and boost your engagement rate. You will be able to generate the perfect series of hashtags to use. Everything is organized by category: Fashion, Art…

HashtagsForLikes: This is an excellent tool for generating relevant hashtags for your e-commerce business. The tool is quite easy to use.

InstagramTags: is a tool that e-commerce entrepreneurs can use to access popular and well-made hashtags. You will find hashtags by niche such as: hair / hair … You can use this tools to have more likes and grow the presence of your e-commerce on social networks.

Seekmetrics: This is another analysis tool that allows you to measure your performance against your competitors. You only have to enter a hashtag and click on “generate”. The tool returns you a number of similar hashtags.

The Hashtag Limit on Instagram

When searching for your hashtags, keep in mind that there is a limit to be met in terms of the number of hashtags included in the description of a post or in comments. You cannot use more than 30 hashtags per post. This limit makes it possible to ensure the relevance of the published contents in addition to limiting spam.

Before posting a post, I use one of these tools to find the right combination of hashtags to help me achieve my publishing goals. It takes me 15 to 30 minutes but you are free to spend less or more than less.

  • Get involved

No matter which platform you operate on, you must first be “social” or sociable if you want. So you have to make sure that you create engagement with your followers and other brands.

Look for influencers, bloggers with whom you can build win-win partnerships, and show commitment to their content. You can like or comment on their publications. Be careful, you have to write constructive comments and avoid random “stuff” like “nice”, “pretty”, and so on. In a word, bring values. This will increase your chances of getting noticed by your future partners.

  • Hire a professional

If you are not creative enough to produce remarkable visual content, do not worry. There is a little art to that.

You can hire a marketing professional on social networks who knows how to design good content. Indeed, becoming popular on Instagram may require more than having to publish a good ten photos. So it is better to invest early, hire a professional. This remains a viable option.

  • Influence marketing on Instagram

The other way to build popularity on Instagram is to use the so-called influencers. But what is an influencer?

“An influencer is an Instagram user who has an established audience on Instagram and who is able to persuade others because of a certain notoriety, reliability, trust and reach of their message.”

An influencer can help you build your brand awareness in record time and generate tons of sales just by having them publish your product listings on their Instagram profiles.

When you post content to your Instagram account without having followers. You may have to ask yourself if someone is seeing your publications or if you are just not wasting your precious time.

It is difficult under these conditions to know what works and what does not work and it takes time to get the first results expected.

With influence marketing, you can get an influencer in your niche to share one of your products – if you’re in e-commerce for example – with its massive audience and receive almost instantly thousands of people interested in your business. Products. Sales eventually follow.

How to find influencers?

I will not discuss this issue in detail in this article. On the other hand, I’ll just warn you that looking for and finding the right influencer can be difficult and very time consuming because some people buy followers to take advantage of this juicy business. We must therefore invest fully. Here … you can make use of tools such as:

  • Phlanx to calculate the engagement rate of your influencer to get an idea about the level of interaction between published content and followers. Just enter the username of the influencer and this tool automatically calculates the engagement rate.
  • SocialBlade to verify that the influencer does not buy followers and earn hundreds every day rather than lose

Some people nowadays favor a new category called micro-influencers since accounts with X million followers have less and less commitment.

However, it is important to note that most influencers ask to be paid. This is an important parameter to consider if you want to make use of this type of marketing.

  1. Measure and adapt

As with any type of marketing, everything you do is in vain until you discover what works for you and your audience. You can read all the articles on the issue, buy all the books and trainings. The real truth is that you will only get results by testing.

In any case, social networks are a great help. It’s not just about using it to program / schedule publications. You can also use tools to analyze the performance of your campaigns.

Instagram allows more or less access to statistics but, third-party applications can also help you. This is the case of Sensible. If this one does not stumble, I’m sure you’ll find one at your convenience. Just a little research:  Google is your best friend people!   

Test, measure, adjust and…. repeat the loop?

So, after about two months of absence for strictly professional reasons, I’ll get back to you with these 10 infallible tips to help you become Instagram famous. 

So … do you use the platform to drive conversions and improve brand awareness? What does your marketing approach look like on Instagram? Tell me everything in comments, I am curious to hear from you. See you soon!

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