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Instagram is experiencing a meteoric rise. The social network is now one of the 5 most used social networks around the world. In 2018, Instagram has reached 1 Billion monthly users and more than 700 million of them connect at least once a day on the social network. Instagram attracts a relatively young audience: 80 percent of users are under 35 years old.

Because of its success, Instagram, created to share photos and videos with friends and subscribers, has attracted many companies. Many of them use Instagram to convey their values, communicate and expand their community, promote new products, and so on.

However, it is not enough to be present on Instagram. For your business to benefit from its presence on this social network, it is necessary to be active.

Here are some tips to help your business use Instagram effectively:

1) Create your account

When you create your account, it’s important to choose an easy-to-remember username. Ideally, choose the name of your company. Then personalize your account by briefly describing your business and remember to add a URL link to your website. Also add the physical address of your company if you have one. 
It is also advisable to use the logo of your business as a profile picture so that users can recognize your business and thus give credibility to your account. 

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2) Choose the right pictures

Once your account is created, it’s time to post your first photos. This step is very important because photos are the very concept of Instagram. It is therefore important to choose the right pictures.

In addition to choosing quality photos and reflecting the identity of your business, it is also important to vary the type of photo published. Do not just post pictures of your new products and be original in varying positions. For example, show photos of your customers using your products, your employees, the manufacture of your products, your workplace, demos, photos that reflect the atmosphere of your business.

3) Use hashtags

With the choice of photos, hashtags are among the most important elements of an Instagram post. Indeed, they allow your publication to reach people who are not part of your subscribers. It is therefore important to use it when you publish a photo, especially if you do not have a large number of subscribers.

Regarding the choice of hashtags, you can opt for hashtags widely used on Instagram. These will allow you to be seen by many people.

You can also write hashtags that are more specific to your business domain. These will have the advantage of directly reaching people interested in your professional field and therefore potential customers.

Feel free to combine very popular hashtags and more specific hashtags to be even more effective. In addition, a study has shown that the posts with the most engagement on Instagram are those that are accompanied by at least eleven hashtags. Do not be stingy about hashtags!

4) Post pictures regularly

Recently, Instagram conducted a survey of 55 brands on its social network. They found that on average these brands posted 1.5 posts per day.

As far as your business is concerned, it is important to regularly post publications to create commitment. Try to start by posting a publication a day. Then you can increase your numbers of publications or decrease and look at the influence this has on your numbers of likes, subscribers … in order to find the frequency that best suits your business.

5) Increase your number of subscribers

To get more subscribers, make sure you post quality photos every time that are both appealing and in tune with your business. Do not forget to add an appropriate caption to increase engagement. For example, you might ask a question to elicit more reactions.

Another way to increase your followers is to interact on Instagram by likening or commenting on pictures of other people. This allows people to see that you exist and that you are active on Instagram and they will be better able to follow you.

Subscribing to users is also a way to increase subscribers. When you start on Instagram, it’s helpful to follow all the people you already know (friends, customers, etc.). This allows you to get lots of subscribers quickly and thus give credibility to your company’s Instagram account.

Following influencers from your professional field is another great strategy for gaining followers. This will allow you to follow users who subscribe to these influencers. These people are certainly interested in your field of activity, they will be more likely to be attracted to your business.

You can also go to the Instagram search bar (2nd tab) to find and track users who have used hashtags related to your company’s business. This is a very effective way to find users who are probably part of your target and follow them.

You can also go to the Instagram search bar (2nd tab) to find and track users who have used hashtags related to your company’s business. This is a very effective way to find users who are probably part of your target and follow them.

Advertising on Instagram

In addition to managing an account specific to your business, Instagram also offers advertisers the ability to attract customers through advertising.

Indeed, since September 2015, it is also possible to advertise on Instagram. To create an Instagram ad, you need a Facebook account because Instagram sponsored content is created from the Facebook ad manager. Then, just check the Instagram box in the “change placements” section of the placement section of the ad unit.

These ads appear in the news feed of Instagram users in several formats: single image, carousel, video. And because Instagram ads are created on Facebook’s ad manager, you can target exactly who you want to reach.

In a short time, it will also be possible for your company to promote products on Instagram stories. These sponsored content will appear between two user stories. Again, these ads will provide advertisers with very accurate user targeting based on Facebook’s interest and geolocation.

The advent of story advertising is proving to be a very useful tool for advertisers as it provides users with an interactive and engaging experience. Indeed, these sponsored content will be displayed on the entire screen of the user and are compatible with the video format. This should therefore facilitate user engagement.

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