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Instagram now has more than one billion active users. And while the majority of its users are in the 18-29 age group, Instagram attracts users of all ages every day. So there is no reason why you do not use this platform to reach a new audience at lower cost. Whether you’re a beginner on Instagram or if your account has not changed for a few months, here are 7 tips to get more followers on Instagram.

1) Use hashtags

Hashtags allow your content to be more visible to an audience that does not know you yet. And therefore, they provide the opportunity for users to discover and subscribe if your content appeals to them.

But in practice how to do it?

  • Limit yourself

As a first step, I advise you to be strategic in the selection of your hashtags: using the same 30 hashtags on all your publications may do you more harm than good. Such a practice can expose you to a shadow ban.

A shadow ban is when your posts are no longer visible in the search results for given hashtags.

According to a study, the commitment decreases beyond 10 hashtags. That is, if you add more than 10 hashtags to a publication, you will get fewer interactions.

Each case is unique and you will have to test to see what works for you. You could see a decrease in the commitment from the 12th hashtag as from the 7th.

In any case, limit the number of your hashtags in the caption of your image (its description if you prefer). But nothing prevents you from including 30 hashtags in a comment under your publication.

For this, you will have to comment your own photo / video within 5 seconds after its publication. Beyond it is useless to add hashtags.

  • Look for your Hashtags

It is important to identify hashtags that will allow you to precisely target the audience you are trying to target. For this, there is no miracle recipe. Even though tools like Top-Hashtags , Hashtagify or All Hashtag can help you discover new hashtags, they are not as accurate and efficient as a good old manual search.

Here’s what you can do:

Find popular accounts in your industry

Watch the hashtags they use

Note the hashtags with the number representing the number of times the hashtag was used

  • Rank them

This task now accomplished, we will have to classify them into 4 categories:

The popular ones – are used in millions of publications and are therefore highly competitive. Do not use them too often. We use it mainly to categorize our posts ( #dog , #cat , #cafe , #business ).

Affordable – they categorize around a million posts and are generalist.

Community – less than one million publications.

Micro – count less than 50 000 publications, or even less than 1000.

The fewer publications you have on your hashtag, the less competition you will suffer.

Mix them

The goal of the game is to mix the different hashtags you have classified in your next post.

For that, you can include one or two popular hashtags that will allow you to get the initial likes and tell Instagram “our publication is worth it, show it to more people”.

Other hashtags will allow you to get likes and comments over a longer period because the competition is lower than for popular hashtags.

2) Tag influencers

You have probably already noticed images on Instagram on which dozens of accounts are identified. You would be tempted to think that the author of the image does it to attract the attention of influencers and get a like or a follow. What nay!

The reality is different.

By identifying popular accounts on your images, you will be more likely to be visible on the “newsfeed” subscribers of these influencers and therefore to get more followers on Instagram. Indeed, the algorithm of the platform puts forward, on their page “Explorer”, contents likely to interest them.

3) Publish more often

If you publish only once a month, you will not be able to increase the number of your subscribers. It’s scientific!

In fact, there is a correlation between your publication frequency and the growth of your subscribers. The more you publish, the more subscribers you will have.

When you think about it, it makes sense. More publications = more visibility = more likes. And if your content is interesting, you will attract subscribers.

According to a study, publishing 7 times a day increases by 56% the growth in the number of your followers.

Schedule your publications

I know what you’re saying, “OK, but I do not have time to post to Instagram.” And you are not wrong.

But fortunately for you, tools exist to allow you to schedule your publications in advance.

  • Later

Later allows you to schedule your posts not only for Instagram, but also for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest.

You can create a free account that will allow you to manage a single social network, which is sufficient if you do not use it for Instagram.

  • Buffer

Buffer is a planning tool for social networks that allows you to publish directly on Instagram but also on your other social networks:

Once you’ve logged in to Buffer through your Facebook profile, you’ll be able to use their scheduling tool to post, queue, and upload Instagram images with caption.

Buffer will post your content on Instagram for you, without any action on your part.

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a complete management tool that allows you to directly publish and schedule posts on your various social networks like Facebook (profiles, pages and groups), Google+ (profile and pages), as well as Linkedin (profile and business page).

4) Sociabilize

Instagram is not just a media on which you display images of your products or promotional offers. It’s a social network.

And like any social network, it’s a place of exchange.

Respond to comments you receive and leave them on other users’ content. On the other hand, be original in your interactions and ask questions to encourage conversation.

There is nothing worse than receiving generic comments like “great account”, “sublime picture” or “I love what you do”. Special mention for comments that have nothing to do with the content 

5) Collaborate with other accounts

Collaborating with other accounts is like getting in touch with an influencer and pushing them to advertise on their account.

This is called a shoutout and that’s what can get you more followers on Instagram

You will contact the influencer and offer to publish a photo that you provide (or not) in exchange for a product offered or a payment from you.

When you have to choose an influencer to do your shoutout, two things are essential:

His field of activity must be related to your

His commitment – Nothing prevents an influencer from buying fake subscribers. But nothing prevents you to check that the commitment he receives is consistent with the number of subscribers.

6) Publish at the right time

The only best time to post to Instagram is yours.

Ideally, you should publish when you subscribers are online, which will allow you to get more likes. And if you get more likes, the Instagram algorithm will promote your posts by putting them on the discovery page.

This will allow you to have better visibility and gain followers.

Instagram gives you the opportunity to know when your subscribers are the most active. Here’s how :

On the Instagram app, tap your profile photo

Tap the three lines at the top right

Appointment in statistics

Then in audience

7) Ask

Sometimes you just have to ask. Adding a call to action in captioning your images can push visitors to follow you.

You can include simple text that says something like “follow us so you do not miss out on our latest news, promotions and contests!” This is a simple way to communicate the benefits a user could get if they choose to track your account. This increases the chances of him doing so.

These 7 tips will help you get more followers on Instagram. But even if it’s nice to see the number of subscribers increase day after day, remember that what really matters is to drive traffic to your website.

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