How To Make Money On Instagram

How To Make Money On Instagram

How To Make Money On Instagram

Instagram is an amazing platform,  and with over 800 Million users it is going nowhere!

In fact Insta is only going to grow larger.

The question however is how do you make money on Instagram?

In this power post we will be giving you the lowdown on how you can crush it on Instagram and  take you from earning a few pennies to being a full time Instagrammer.

You are going to learn:

  • How people make money 
  • How you  can make money quickly on the platform
  • How to gain sponsorship
  • And make sure you check out our super bonus method in the conclusion.


Let’s do this

The Pillars Of Making Money From Instagram

Before you can even start making a dime from Instagram you need to have a system, otherwise you will simply keep trying different methods without success and give up.

To help we have a created a system called ‘Instagram Pillars’.

Here is how it works:

Make Money On Instagram

Tier 4: This is the method you will make money (don’t worry, we explain this later).

Tier 3: Connect with influencers to grow account further.

Tier 2: Buy likes and followers to grow an audience quickly

Tier 1: Create content and add to Instagram

This 4 tier process requires explaining in more detail so here goes:

Step 1: Create Content

It goes without saying that creating content is a key part of any Instagram strategy and our Instagram Pillars method is no different.

However, as Instagram Pillars is a smarter way to make money, our ‘content creation’ process is a smarter method too.

It starts by heading over to Instagram and making a list of 100 of the top posts/ creators in your niche.

To do this I use a tool called Instamate:


Once logged into my Instamate dashboard and my Instagram is connected the magic starts to happen.

I head over to their content discovery tool:


There I click the drop down and then press the discover button:


After this I need to type my niche into the search bar and for this I will choose ‘writing’:

From there you will see a wide range of content and also be able to see how it performs:


At this point you can either do one of two things, download the image or repost it directly.

Get More Instagram Followers

You want to have at least 100 posts ready to go before launch and then start to add at least 10 a day to your ‘database’.

This will make life super easy for you in the long run.

Once you have your content you are ready to move to the next level.

Step 2: Quality Natural Growth


Quality Natural Growth

So, you are creating great content, however the only people that seem interested in it is your mom, your best pal and your little sister.

Things need to change and you need to be smart.

Gramgrowing delivers an incredible service that uses a huge growth network of real Instagram users to follow, like and view your Instagram posts and videos.

But first. 

Let’s make it clear why buying your way into Instagram is a smart move.

There are 95 million posts shared on Instagram per day!

So, to have your content seen you have to be better than 95 million posts to stand out from the crowd.

Is this realistic?

4  factors will dictate this.

One, do you have a six pack?

Two, do you have an amazing bikini body?

Three, do you travel to exotc locations all year?

Four, do you have a truck load of money?

If you answered no to these questions, then like me you will struggle to grow on Instagram.

Sounds unfair doesn’t it?

Yes, well life is unfair, and you need to stack the deck in your favour.

And to do this you need to the power of social proof.

Social proof helps humans to make decisions because we look at what others are doing.

And yes it applies to Instagram as well.

For this reason most people will avoid following accounts that have low follower numbers, because, when you head to college or out with your friends and they say did you see ‘the post’ on Instagram, well you want your feed filled with popular posts too.

This might be cruel but it happens.

So, for this reason (and our next step), you need to take the Instagram elevator and not the stairs.

So, head over to our prices packages page and pick the package that is right for your budget and we will move onto the next step:


Step 3: Connect with Influencers

So, your account is on fire, your numbers are growing steadily and as such it is time to leverage this to grow even further.

To do this you will need a helping hand from Influencers in your niche.

Now, let us look at what your content looks like so far.

You have started to share others content and grown (you should also be creating your own content too).

Once you have done this you have started to use our service and your account is growing naturally, your posts are being engaged with and boom, all is going well.

So on the surface your account looks like an up and coming mega star.

It is time to leverage this and connect with influencers.

The aim of this is to use their audience to grow your own.

Generally there are 2 types of shout outs.

Voluntary and Paid.


Voluntary shout outs are pretty damn brilliant  for one main reason, because they are free.

Now to get them you need to be cheeky and ask.

But there is a trick to this.

We call this the ‘Upper Deck Technique’.

If you think about the Film Titanic, you had Rose and Jack played by Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio.

Anyway in the film they are trapped deep in a lower deck and they have to fight their way upwards as the icy water starts to flood in.

But slowly as they climb up each deck they get to an increased amount of ‘safety’.

This is you on Instagram.

You need to slowly climb the decks and to do this you will need to take it step by step.

If you head over to an influencer that has 1 Million followers and yo have 5,000, do you think you will get a ‘shout out’?

Not very likely.

But if you head over to an account that has 10,000 followers they are far more likely to help you out.

And this is the approach to use. Always look to step up the decks slowly.

So when you have 10,000 Followers ask for a shoutout from a 20,000 account. When you have 30,000 ask for it from a 40 or 50,000 account.

You get the idea.

The next option is a lot faster though.

Paid Shout outs

Paid shoutouts are great because you can access a wide range of accounts online to suit your budget.

If you search online for ‘buy Instagram shoutouts’, you will see a wide range of services to help.


Now there is an issue with this.

Just because you get a shout out it does not mean you will get huge amounts of followers and you have paid for this, so you need to weigh it up.

It will be a gamble that you are paying for.

Now, you can choose the direct approach and find an influencer with significant account size and simply message them like this:

“Hey, love your Instagram, I have been following it for a while and your content is awesome.

I have been trying to grow my Instagram and if you like my content I was wondering if you offer paid shoutouts?”

You have to remember, most people with huge accounts on Instagram are trying to make coin.

If they just charged $150 per shout out and had one per day they would make $54,750 a year.

So it is not a bad business to be in!

Now, this is going to be the type of money you will need to pay to get an influencer with a reasonable account, some charge a hell of a lot more.

But as you should be gaining a large number of followers with this shout out, it is going to be worth it.

Over time, as you repeat this process you will start to see huge growth in your Instagram account with real followers.

This will happen for 2 reasons.

Firstly you will attract the followers from your shout outs, and secondly you will start to gain new organic followers who see your posts are being engaged with and this will help to grow your account.

And next up, we need to look at how we are going to make money!

Step 4: How To Make Money On Instagram

And so we are here, the part where you turn your Instagram into a cash machine.

Now I would suggest that you decide ‘before’ you start your Instagram process how you are going to make money, because this will allow you to make money early on, rather than growing a following and then adding monetisation.

Even a few early sales can be funneled back into growing your account.

So, there are only a few core ways you can make money directly on Instagram.

  1. Sell Goods
  2. Sell sponsorship
  3. Sell shout outs
  4. Paid posts
  5. Lead the client through a funnel

We will cover each item one by one.

How To Sell Goods On Instagram


Rugby Warfare is a clothing brand in the UK.

They have 42,000 followers and they use a link in their bio to drive traffic to their ecommerce store.

This and the use of ‘swipe up stories’ are one of the best ways to drive traffic to a site that sells online.