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How to Make Your Instagram Account Effective

If you read this article today, chances are you want to grow your community on Instagram as well. You are already present on the application, but you have not yet the expected results in terms of commitment. You would like to attract more new subscribers. Your publications do not get a lot of likes yet. Few comments are present under your publications and generally you want more interactions.

However, you have seen dozens of articles and videos on the subject but nothing seems very relevant to you. All the tips you can find are for people who already have hundreds or thousands of subscribers. But what about someone who starts on Instagram? A person who wants simple, clear advice that works on his own account?

Over the past 2 years, I’ve tested dozens and dozens of strategies for my Instagram accounts, the clients I had the opportunity to help, and my friends who regularly asked me for advice. Today I present the fundamentals that I will apply if I had to set up a new Instagram account.

Instagram in A Few Figures

Every day, more than 90 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram. It is therefore necessary to know the right strategies to stand out and out of the crowd! Far be it from me to give you a very detailed presentation on the beginnings and evolution of Instagram.

I selected the most impactful numbers to show you the position of the Instagram social network on a global scale.

  • Monthly active users 800 million.
  • Daily active users 500 million.
  • Users under 25 spend an average of 32 minutes per day on the app
  • 4.2 billion likes are counted each day
  • 41% of Instagram users are between 16 and 24 years old
  • 150 million users use Instagram Stories every day

I do not bother you with more numbers, I think you have very much grasped the power of Instagram. We pass without delay to the fundamentals that will allow you to have a solid Instagram account that is sustainable.

It is likely that you know one or more, but the secret is not in the knowledge. The “secret” lies in the application of all his tips to your Instagram account.

The creation of your universe

If tomorrow you treat the same subject as a competitor, your audience will choose you because your universe is unique. They will follow your Instagram profile because it’s you and not another person. Your way of taking photos, the frequency of your publications, your writing style and all these things make it your account and not that of another.

With equal content it is your personality that will make the difference. Your Instagram account is a direct reflection of the values ​​you want to convey.

The Choice of the Thematic

Your universe must revolve around your message and your specific area. Before you even do the steps that follow you must choose a theme and stick to it. Fitness, Food, Travel, Marketing, Lifestyle, High Tech, etc…

Whatever it is, you have to make a choice. If you are interested in a multitude of things I reveal my little trick to talk about all this a little lower. You do not make an Instagram account for you, but for your audience. This is not a space to store your best personal photos. Otherwise a photo album or a good USB could do the trick.

Your photos must bring value to your community, each of them must have its own objective (inspire, motivate, federate, etc.) and be thought upstream.

If one day you want to talk about a subject that does not fit into your usual theme, no problem. You can do an Instagram stories. This is a way for you to expose a different content (photo or video) that will be kept only 24H. When you’re not sure your photo has a place on your feed (where you post your photos) I just invite you to do a stories.


It is likely that before setting up your Instagram account you may have already chosen the name of your brand, project or activity. Maybe you already have a website or a physical shop?

In this case, I just advise you to give your Instagram account the name of the brand you already use. It will be easier for your audience to find you if you still have the same name on the web (website, Facebook page, blog, YouTube channel, etc. …). It is important to keep this homogeneity, because your subscribers always perceive the same brand, in the long run it is a good way to retain them.

If you want to play more of your creativity you can do it in the choice of “NAME” of your account. By adding a capital letter or several emoji you can give a warm look to your brand.

Your Profile Photo

It’s a tough choice, but here are 5 simple tips for selecting a profile photo that catches your eye and makes you want to click.

  1. It must be clear and perfectly legible even in small size. Whether a logo with text, a particular shape, a landscape or a photo of yourself
  2. If you are a business, I simply advise to put your logo. This is the picture that most likely sums up your company on this format.
  3. If you are not a business, you can select a photo of yourself during your last trip with an atypical landscape in the background. We are not on a professional social network like LinkedIn, you can afford this kind of photo.
  4. Do not change your profile picture every week otherwise your subscribers will never have time to get used to your brand / face and it will be more difficult to retain them.
  5. Made sure to be alone and do not put you back in the picture. You must be easily recognizable by your audience who does not know you yet.

The profile picture is often the first thing that connects you with your audience, so it’s very important to choose it carefully. These 5 tips are simple but make the difference in the long run. 

Your Account Description

Have an impactful, brief description that summarizes the added value you can bring to your audience. In a few words tell who you are and what the reason for your presence on Instagram is.

This is not an easy exercise and unlike your profile photo you can change it over the months to get a good description. You can add Emoji to make it more human but do not use them excessively.

To change your description and add space, for example, I invite you to go directly to your computer and not on your smartphone.

Here is the procedure to achieve this:

  • Type in your search bar as below.
  • Then go to your profile on the right.
  • Click on “Edit Profile” next to the gear.
  • Then adjust your bio by adding the spaces and emoji desired.

That’s it, your bio is ready to be consulted!

Visual content is king

The image and everything related to the “visual” literally advocates on Instagram more than on any other social network. All that is visible on your account must be reflected upstream.

The fundamental goal is to create value-added content to generate likes and comments. The Instagram algorithm takes into account the commitment (number of subscriptions, likes, comments and interactions) the more traffic, the better the account is referenced.

Here are some tips I apply to my account:

  • In general people prefer clear and bright photos. Treat your feed so that it is as pleasant as possible to consult.
  • When I visit a new city where an atypical place I try to take a maximum of photos that I will post later. The idea is to create a small base of photos for times when I have less things to share.
  • I often watch how other Instagrammers take and frame their photos to inspire me and find new ideas for my industry.
  • If you have the opportunity you can put forward your customers using your service. This is a very good way to reinforce your commitment and affirm your position as an expert.

Build relationships

There are simple actions to create a relationship with other Instagrammers.

As a first step, you can simply identify the Instagram accounts of people who share your values ​​and interests.

Use the Instagram search engine to find other users who share the same interests as your brand and follow them. Always using the search engine, identify the influencers on your topic and make sure you interact with them and enjoy the visibility they offer.

Here’s what the Instagram search engine looks like.

  • Once you have ten, you can interact with them. By liking and commenting regularly on their photos, you will gradually get noticed.
  • These users are then notified and will follow the account of your brand if they judge the content interesting.
  • But do not expect an immediate effect because all the techniques I present in this article require patience and regularity.
  • You can also mention someone you know, or not, in your photo. This simple technique increases commitment

Respond To Followers as Possible 

It’s always nice to have an answer from someone who owns a community. Let’s not forget that it’s a social network and not just a publications platform. So stay social.

Some subscribers might even take it wrong and in the long run will unsubscribe and make you bad pub! Sometimes a simple smiley can suffice, no need to answer in 10 lines if your time is running out.

The more you answer, the more you increase your chances of creating commitment, and therefore visibility!

On Instagram, exchanges can lead to beautiful encounters and even professional opportunities.

Understanding hashtags

Here are 2 unusual information related to hashtags:

  1. 381,000 people posted their first tattoo on Instagram (#firsttattoo)
  2. Among the 10 most Instagrammers cities and monuments in the world: New York and Time Square, Paris and the Eiffel Tower, London and Tower Bridge, Moscow and Red Square, Los Angeles and the Dodger Stadium

Why do I give you this information?

Simply to show you that it is important to know the hashtags that correspond to your field. To find them just look at the hashtags used by influencers in your field.

On Instagram you need a minimum of 5 hashtags to spark commitment. With less than 5 hashtags, if you start from scratch, it seems rather complicated to point out.

If you are really a “crazy” hashtag here is another trick to put the double.

Yes, 60 hashtags!!!

You can put 30 under your photo / video and 30 additional comments.

But to never bother with the choice of hashtags I advise you to simply save the hashtags of your domain directly on your IPhone to save time.

You can also prepare your posts in advance and post them whenever you want directly on Instagram. Instead of putting “PUBLISH” you go back and the post keeps automatically.

In the long run I encourage you to create your own Hashtag related to your brand. This may be the name of a product you are marketing, simply the name of your brand or perhaps a hashtag created by your subscribers themselves.

The best time to publish

You can find many articles or infographics on the web that will give you the best to publish.

But I really invite you not to remain frozen on these data. These are averages and they probably do not concern your account.

Knowing that at the beginning you have few subscribers, it is better to play on a high publication frequency than to try to find the perfect time to publish.

It is true that some days seem to work better than others but you have to make your own experience on the subject.

For my part in the middle of the week on Wednesday and Thursday I have good results. Sunday night is also a good time for me but it all depends on your audience.

Do your subscribers rather connect in the morning before going to work, at the lunch break, on public transport in the evening or around 9 pm in front of a good movie?

The idea is to know a maximum of habits of your target to be present at the same time as it.

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