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Step 1

Select your growth plan. Then submit your account details, target hashtags and audience, and your contact information.

Step 2

Your dedicated account manager will work with you to create a personalized plan to maximize the natural growth of your account.

Step 3

Your growth campaign will be launched within a few hours of joining. Now you can sit back and relax while our team promotes your Instagram.

Step 4

Lastly, enjoy the gains! On average accounts see a natural growth of 30 to 80 Real Active Followers a day. *Results may vary

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With over 300 active clients, our natural growth is 100% safe. We work within the limits of Instagram.

No Hidden Fees

No startup fee. No cancellation fee. No Contracts. Growth that gives you the freedom you want.


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per week

🎯 Target Hashtags and Location

📈 Growth Rate 20-70 Daily

🥇 Quality over Quantity

Gym Buff


per month

🎯 Target Hashtags and Location

#️⃣ Hashtag Recommendation

📈 Growth Rate 25-70 Daily

🥇 Quality over Quantity

Macho Man


per 3 months

🎯 Target Hashtags and Location

#️⃣ Hashtag Recommendation

😃 Profile/Bio Optimization

📈 Growth Rate 30-70 Daily

🥇 Quality over Quantity


✅ Real and Targeted People

GramGrowing uses all natural methods to ensure you gain real and targeted followers. You’ll gain followers from the hashtags, locations, and users that you select. You choose where they come from! This will help you turn those followers into customers.

✅ Consistent Followers

In order to dominate instagram you need CONSISTENT growth. GramGrowing team works around the clock to make this possible. This type of growth will separate you from your competition and make your page stand out.

✅ Dedicated Manager

Everyone that uses GramGrowing is assigned a dedicated account manager. They will walk you through the growth process and work with you throughout the campaign. You can reach them ANYTIME of the day via text/email.

✅ Satisfaction Guaranteed 

GramGrowing is one of the few companies that offers “Real Gains or You Don’t Pay.” In very rare cases (1 in 1000) your growth didn’t meet your expectations, you will receive a refund of whats left on your campaign. *Full Refund within the first 7 days.

The “Other Guys”

⛔️ Bot and Ghost Followers

 Other instagram “growth” services are known for sending you bot and ghost followers from all over the world. These fake followers will HURT your account and can lead you to get shadow banned from instagram. They wont engage in your content and definitely WON’T bring your business.

⛔️ Instant Followers

When other “growth” services will promise you hundreds or even thousands of daily followers. Services that provide rapid followers will cut corners and take little precaution. This irregular activity can alert instagram and can HARM your page.

⛔️ Unreliable “Support”

Many “growth” services don’t offer reliable support or a easy way to communication with their clients. They like to keep you out of the loop and their methods a secrete, even during the promotion process.

⛔️ Take Your Money and Run

On the other side of the moral spectrum. Most other “growth” services will gladly take your money without any growth guarantees. They won’t offers refunds and will simply take your money and run.

*Results may vary from person to person.